Monday, April 28, 2014

Harvest Monday - 28 April 2014

Okay, no harvests, other than a handful of chives. But last evening, a reward of a different kind:

I had lofty ambitions for the weekend, but it was rainy and cold both days. This has been a very slow spring. I feel like everything is at least 10 days behind. This morning, there is frost on the roofs, but fortunately not at ground level. Most everything is somewhat protected by row covers anyway.

The peas and radishes I planted on April 13 have emerged. In the same bed are lettuces and spinach. I can't tell without removing the row cover if they have sprouted. The onion sets I planted on the same date are also poking up.

On Friday I set out 16 broccoli plants, again with a row cover. They should be OK. I also planted potatoes, and set out the artichoke plants. One of them has disappeared, as if abducted by aliens. Very disheartening. A local nursery actually has artichoke plants, which is very uncommon in these parts. I may have to purchase one or two.

I was going to plant carrots and beets this weekend, but planting seeds in the rain is foolish. Hopefully I'll have the odd hour or two this week to do it. Again, everything seems 10 days behind, which is frustrating.

Still, we must be of good cheer. The warm weather will arrive eventually. And what is more cheerful than a double rainbow over your barn?

The end of the rainbow looked to be in Farmer Ball's field across the road!

If you're not already there, head over to Daphne's Dandelions, the gracious hostess of Harvest Monday, and see real harvests and tons of gardening tips.


  1. it is a pretty rainbow. And I'm just harvesting a handful of herbs now too. I'm hoping it gets better soon though.

  2. Beautiful rainbow and your property is lovely. So nice to see the snow gone and the grass beginning to green up. The rain was frustrating. Doesn't Mother Nature understand that we are late this year and there is a lot to do in the garden? :)

    While I am here, I would like to invite you to join in on a gardening blog hop I am co-hosting beginning this Thursday called, "Green Thumb Thursday." I hope to see you there!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your harvest's this year!