Monday, July 23, 2018

Harvest Monday - 23 July 2018

Hello again from Eight Gate Farm. Once again foregoing the weather summary, I'll get right to the harvests, starting with the "first harvests of the season."

The big fun was pulling all the hardneck garlic.

Once these are fully dried and cleaned up, I'll post the varieties and how they did. But it looks like Katterman won again in the size department.

Katterman hardneck garliic
We got the first, beautifully ripe raspberries.

And the first bush beans.

Calima beans
These are a filet variety called Calima that I've been growing for several years. I'm really sold on the taste and productivity. We got a second, even larger harvest later in the week.

And the first beets. This example is probably one of the largest I've grown.

Boltardy beet
First harvests also came from the community garden plot. Here we have red and golden beets, a cucumber, fennel bulbs, and a couple of new purple potatoes. Not shown are three "Fourth of July" ripe tomatoes. Maybe one day I'll get a chance to taste them. If they are good, their earliness may give them a place in the home garden.

For continuing harvests, we got carrots.


Purple Top White Globe and White Egg turnips
And a picking of true lettuce from the mixes I planted in spring. This looks to be some sort of green looseleaf, and red romaine. At this stage of the year, all lettuce gets taste-tested for bitterness. These of course passed, but some was rejected (blech!).

The Kitchen Goddess whipped up a homemade Caesar dressing (sans anchovies, which is fine with me), and even did homemade croutons. The whole thing was delicious.

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading! And thanks once again to Dave at Our Happy Acres for hosting Harvest Monday.


  1. Oh look at that garlic, I can just about smell it. I do miss the enjoyment of pulling garlic and indulging in copious amounts of young fresh garlic. I rarely even cook with it anymore because the stuff from the market is so inferior.

    And homegrown raspberries. What a treat. Everything looks great.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. The garage, where the garlic is curing, smells wonderful.

  2. The Katterman garlic does look like a keeper! I've never heard of it before, was it one you got at the garlic festival? Beets. Yours look lovely, and I truly wish I could learn to like them. Pretty raspberries too. Our berries are done for here.

    1. Yes, I got it at the garlic festival. Second time growing it, and it does produce large bulbs. Flavorful too. I don't like beets either, but TKG loves them.

  3. Great looking garlic and I could almost taste those fresh-looking raspberries. That's one of our crops that is not thriving this year so it is good to see someone else's success there!

  4. That garlic looks great! Mine will be, shall we say "understated" this year as the leek moths did a significant amount of damage to the plants early on. I'm just thankful that I'll have a harvest, small as it may be (and now I know that yet another bed needs to be netted next year!)