Monday, June 24, 2019

Harvest Monday - 24 June 2019

Perhaps reflecting the generally cool conditions we've experienced, the garlic scapes were a little late this year. But it's very nice to get this bonus harvest from the plants. We cut these on Saturday, choosing the ones that had already curled on themselves.

Garlic scapes

And the remaining ones on Sunday.

Fashion trend: edible bracelets
We've downsized from two strawberry beds to one, and the remaining bed is on its last legs, but still gave us a nice picking.

Only one of the Tatsoi plants survived the spring, and it started bolting this week.

The salad mixes gave us several light cuttings like this, and almost all the radishes were harvested. Most never did size-up this year before trying to bolt.

Overall, not yet a lot to show for our gardening labors, but the warm weather will eventually get here. I personally can't wait. Thank you for reading, and please check out, the gracious host of Harvest Monday.


  1. My radishes also bolted, which was disappointing. I'll have to try again in fall. I love the edible bracelet! I'm guessing it will keep the vampires away too.

  2. Ah, berry season. Makes the wait for warmer weather tolerable.