Monday, October 17, 2022

Harvest Monday - 17 October 2022

Here's another Harvest Monday update from Eight Gate Farm. This week was one of winding down many crops, but I did manage to get one "first harvest."

Another of the tomatoes I planted in my mid-summer experiment gave us some ripe fruits. This is "Early Doll," a hybrid determinate I grew for the first time. It has produced nice-sized (4 to 6 ounce) slicers, and they have very good flavor. I may grow them again, but not mid-summer.

Early Doll

I removed the last of the hot pepper and aubergine plants, harvesting what I could.

Assorted eggplant, Hot Lemon, and Habanero

I netted enough peppers for a small batch of hot sauce. This is mostly Hot Lemon, plus enough Habaneros to give a very zippy sauce even more zip! I'm calling it "Hot Lemon +".

'Hot Lemon +' sauce

I took the last of the scallions and a few more carrots.

'Nabechan' green onions and 'Mokum' carrots

I cut the last of the summer-planted Chinese cabbage. The Kitchen Goddess used one to start a batch of kimchi.

'Minuet' hybrid cabbage

TKG has been picking raspberries fairly often, always welcome.

Fall raspberries

And she's been hitting the parsley hard, making lots of packages of the dried herb. This is something that grew amazingly well this year.

Flat Leaf (Italian) parsley

I pulled up all the winter squash vines. Many had immature fruit that I just didn't bother with. I threw everything into the woods for the wildlife. But there were some nice ones to keep.
Assorted winter squash

So I feel like I'm getting a jump on the first frost, which we might get this week. I'll probably pick all the sweet peppers in the next day or two, and pull out those plants. Normally I fret over the frost, because I want to get more from the plants. But we have so much of nearly everything this year, it won't be a hardship.

Oh, and I planted garlic this week, 48 cloves in all.

Thanks for reading, and thanks once again to Dave at for hosting Harvest Monday.


  1. I laughed on reading your generosity with the wildlife! I remember those days of gathering things in before the frost. One year (in MA) we had almost a bushel of green tomatoes. That was a challenge. I've enjoyed following your garden adventures.

  2. We've got a hard freeze coming tonight, and I' m amazed you haven't had one yet. Like you, we've had plenty of most everything this year so I wasn't stressed about anything other than the sweet potatoes. They are now safely curing in the warm basement/

    1. I'll get the comment thing figured out someday!

    2. While we never have what you'd call predictable weather, this year has been especially strange.