Monday, June 19, 2023

Harvest Monday - 19 June 2023

Hello, and happy Juneteenth! A new Federal holiday on which we reflect on the horrors of slavery in America, and its end.

Harvests are trickling in. I cut the first head of iceberg lettuce. It was chilled, then served that night in a wedge salad.

Iceberg lettuce

I did the first small cutting of parsley. Some of this is from a plant that regrew itself from last year, now starting to flower. This is not a bad thing, as parsley seed is a nice spice.

Italian flat-leaf parsley

Garlic scapes are making an appearance, and I cut a couple of  them for a dish The Kitchen Goddess made that night. It's a salad of Asian greens, nori, and sesame seeds, spiced up with the scapes and a "dressing" of rice vinegar, tamari, and sesame oil. She got it from the "Clean Eats" cookbook, and it was very good. Definitely a keeper.

Garlic scapes

Sesame bok choy salad

Several heads of greens were harvested this week, some to keep, some to give away. Here's a sample.

Tatsoi, Asian Delight bok choy

I just had to share this. I brought up the last of last summer's winter squash from the cellar. On the left is a spaghetti squash, and on the right an "Autumn Frost" hybrid butternut-type (C. moschata). This is after they have been baked in the oven. I'm amazed at how long these have kept. Sure, we lost a few over the months, but many more have been useful. Autumn Frost has become our favorite: deep orange color and exceptional sweetness.

Baked winter squash from the stores

In Wildlife Notes, we have two trail cameras set up in our woods. I don't change the memory cards as often as I should (afraid of ticks), so when I do there are literally thousands of pictures to wade through. Most of them are boring pictures of the same herd of deer that wanders through, but we occasionally get some interesting shots of deer and many other animals (and a trespasser or two). Here's one that captured a doe in mid-leap. Wonder what spooked her?

White-tailed deer

And here's a recent close-up of a magnificent Eastern Coyote.

Eastern Coyote

How about that? An entire post without wingeing about the weather!

No post next Monday. TKG and I have rented a lakeside cabin (if you can call a 3 bedroom 2 bath house a "cabin"). It's only an hour away, so we can return home in mid week to water, harvest, exchange clothes, and buy more groceries. We are really looking forward to it. But there's no internet, so no posting. I'll check back in the week after. Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Dave at for hosting Harvest Monday.


  1. Your treatment of the garlic scapes sounds yummy! And like you, I still have a few winter squash that are edible, though I lost a few as well.

  2. Lovely early harvests. I'm surprised how long butternut squash lasts. In fact, there's one in the garage begging to be used. Enjoy your time away!