Monday, July 26, 2021

Harvest Monday - 26 July 2021

Here's another Harvest Monday update from Eight Gate Farm. We've had on and off rain the whole week. We've exceeded the July rainfall record, and the month is not over yet. Tuesday was supposed to be full-sun, but smoke from the massive, scary Western fires had drifted over in the high atmosphere, turning the sky hazy and the sun red.

For "first harvests," we were so glad to get artichokes, truly a Star of the Garden for us. They are very petite compared to the ones that are brought in from California, but oh-so-fresh, and we love them.

'Tavor' artichokes

Even though the ground was not as dry as I normally like, I felt it was time to pull all the garlic. I grew three varieties this year. This is "Katterman," which I think is a version of German White/German Extra Hardy, selected for size. Only one grower produces this, I think. I'm trying the vertical method of drying this year, as everybody seems to be doing it.

'Katterman' garlic

Next we have Georgian Crystal and Russian Red. Georgian Crystal is supposed to be like Georgian Fire, which we like, but a little less bite. Georgian Fire was not available when I ordered. In the background is the meager harvest of Russian Red, too small to hang through the slots. I don't think there's anything wrong about this type, just that the 'seed' garlic was not up to standards so they never grew well.

Georgian Crystal and Russian Red

Once they're fully dried and cleaned I'll talk more about the varieties.

Another first harvest was yellow wax bush beans.

'Carson' wax beans

For continuing harvests, I got some more shishito peppers.

'Mellow Star' shishitos

More haricots-vert. The Kitchen Goddess bundled them in groups of 7 or 8, and wrapped them in bacon, to make...wait for it..."Bacon Bean Bundles"; an original concept as far as I know. I cooked them on the charcoal grill. Really delicious!

'Calima' filet bush beans

More pea pods. These have really shut down, and I will be pulling the vines this week. Sorry to see them go.

Pea pods

A few more zucchini.

Yellowfin and Cocozelle di Napoli

More salad greens. The plants are finally bolting, so instead of just picking leaves I'm pulling up the whole plants and taking what looks good.

Salad greens

Another large fennel bulb.

'Orazio' fennel

I cut the last head of Imperial broccoli, and got more side shoots at the same time.

Imperial broccoli plus side shoots

Raspberries are producing lightly. We're using them up as we get them, and not stocking the freezer yet.


And finally a Thursday harvest of collards, chard, beans, and a few more pea pods. Collards look to be a crop that will give an amazing quantity of food value, and I'm grateful to our Harvest Monday host Dave at Our Happy Acres for inspiring me to try them. I just hope they don't start going to seed soon!

All in all, a pretty good week, giving us lots of meal choices and stuff for the freezer. Thanks for reading, and please join me in checking out the other Harvest Monday posts at


  1. That's too bad about the Russian red garlic. It was always one of favorites when I grew it. I love the idea of the Bacon Bean Bundles. I will be sure and give you all props if I try them, which I plan to soon!

  2. Such a wide variety of harvests. Haricots-vert are my favorites and produce so well for me as pole beans. Your artichokes look gorgeous. Congratulations! And I'll always be admiring your raspberries. July was the month of raspberries for us in Ipwsich, MA.