Monday, September 11, 2017

Harvest Monday - 11 September 2017

Welcome to another Harvest Monday update from Eight Gate Farm. We had a number of "first harvests" this week, and said goodbye to other crops.

Starting with the firsts, here are "Thai Hot" peppers:

I love the way the fruit on the plant looks like miniature Christmas lights:

I haven't tried them yet, so I can't tell you how hot they are. The Kitchen Goddess wants to save them up to make Peri Peri.

We got the first "Rosita" eggplant:

And the first "Soloist" Chinese cabbage, on the left in the picture below. Also shown are the last (for now) "Brisk Green" pak choi. I set out another batch of pak choi seedlings, hoping to get one last harvest for the year.

The first and only scarlet runner beans (left) and the first and only "Kenearly" yellow-eye beans. I'm very pleased with the abundance of the runners, considering the plants didn't vine as much as in past years. The Kenearly is a disappointment. The plants never grew strong. They will dry in the sunroom until they can be shelled, then dried further for storage.

Some other harvests:

You may notice that in my corn harvest pictures the ears frequently lack silks. This is due (I believe) to my ongoing problem with earwigs (the dreaded "pincher bugs" of my childhood) eating them. Anyway, I often find them nestling in the damp place where the cobs meet the stalks. I've tried "Crawling Insect Killer" (diatomaceous earth) with no effect, and now spray with spinosad, not very effective either. It's not much of a problem if the cobs have already been pollinated before their silks are eaten, but if they haven't been pollinated, well, you get no pollination. If anyone knows of a good organic control, I'm all "ears" (chuckle).

Well-pollinated corn:

I harvested the last of the "Sugar Buns" corn this weekend, about 20 small cobs. Wait, if I ever want to market my crops I've got to learn better terms. How about artisanal?

Some of the best were eaten on the cob, and the rest were cut and frozen for "niblets."

Still plenty of corn to go, which makes me happy. We've barely touched the Honey Select on the left, and the 4 taller rows of Silver Queen have not been picked at all.

Lastly, the remaining snap beans and tiny, whoops, artisanal beets were picked. Voles had their way with both.

Thanks so much for reading! Please head back over to Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres for more Harvest Monday goodness.


  1. I can't grow beets because rabbits mow down the leaves. Seems like everything likes to eat them. Nice yield of what looks like Bride eggplant, mine are long since gone. I wonder if a combination of insecticidal soap and oil would be effective against the corn earwigs?

    1. Yes, the Bride is now producing well for us. I've tried soap on aphids and it really did nothing noticeable; I'm thinking earwigs would be even tougher than that.

  2. You've got a highly enviable variety of vegetables coming from the garden now. I didn't do a very good job of getting a variety of summer veggies going so it's been a lot of broccoli, a lot of squash, repeat, repeat, a few cucumbers and a handful of beans, more broccoli, squash..... And now finally tomatoes and peppers!

    My corn has no silk either, but it's definitely not earwigs, it's rodents and they don't just eat the silk, that's just the appetizer.

    1. Thanks Michelle. Yes, your harvests are looking redder than usual!

  3. It looks like your harvest are really rolling in! I'm no help on the corn issues. I haven't grown it in years, and mine was always buggy even then. And I love the way the Thai Hot peppers grow up - they should be easy to find!

    1. Thanks Dave. Yes, the harvests are rolling in--but still not enough tomatoes for my liking. The Thai are very easy to find once they start coloring up.

  4. Still such great harvests - I see some veg that I "should" have had were it not for those dang rabbits (salivating at those cantaloupes). And wow to all that corn - lucky you to have enough to freeze!

  5. Thanks Margaret. Every year there's always something that doesn't work, right?