Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Septoria Leaf Spot? Is That What's Killing The Tomatoes?

I've thought I was a victim of early or late blight. But now that I look at a leaf more closely it seems to look like Septoria Leaf Spot.

Does anyone know?

In any event, most of the determinate plants are dead. Here's one of the "Pony Express" plants. Or was.

"Plum Regal," billed as blight-resistant, is doing a little bit better.

The indeterminates are better off. They seem to grow their way out of it.

Some of the fruit is developing blisters, which may be something completely different then.

What a mess.

I started spraying with Serenade a few weeks ago. I think it was too late for this year. But next I'm going to drown the plants with it starting at transplant. Something has to work!


  1. Those spots in the tomato leaf do look like septoria leaf spot but this disease only affects the leaves, not the fruit. The tomato in the bottom photo look to be infected with blight - there is nothing that says you can't have both diseases. The trifecta of early blight, late blight and septoria plagued my tomatoes a few years ago and I talked quite a bit about them in this post:

  2. Thanks for the link Margaret. It was helpful.

  3. I'm a little late but the leaf looks like septoria spot. I have it occasionally but it never kills the plants or affects the fruit. Thankfully we don't have blight (yet)!