Monday, May 30, 2016

Harvest Monday - 30 May 2016

Hello again from Eight Gate Farm. It is good to get back in the swing of things with the Harvest Monday community.

Saturday the temperature was in the 90s; Sunday it did not even reach 60. That's the way it's been going this spring, with the resultant delays in planting and harvesting.

We have taken some radishes:

These are French Breakfast and Cherry Belle, same as everybody grows.

Also, some lettuce/mesclun mix:

There's nothing like the first garden salad of the season! I know we will be tired of it by July, but for now, heaven.

Here's a little update on progress:

We did get a bit of asparagus, but a late freeze burned many of the tender shoots, which is depressing. I've never had that happen before. So, the asparagus season is over with nothing to show.

Beets and carrots were planted April 15. The usual spotty germination. Some of the beets look strong, others are still just seed leaves. The carrots of course are frail looking. I love carrots, but hate planting and growing them!

Peas (snow, snap, and soup) were also planted April 15. They too suffered from spotty germination, but the ones that came up are about 9" tall now.

Asian greens were sown also on April 15. They are still pretty small.

Turnips were sown also on April 15. Some are getting big from a leaf perspective; who knows what's going on underground. I've never grown turnips before, so this is a learning experience.

Leeks (from seed), onions (from seed), and potatoes were set out on April 23. The weather, which was warm, turned cold again. I was afraid the potatoes had rotted, but they're up and looking strong finally, and are almost ready for their first hilling. The leeks look frail, just as they did last year. This is my first experience with seed-grown onions, and I question how they can possibly size-up in the normal time frame. But people tell me to have hope.

Artichokes were also transplanted April 23. They look pretty good.

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts were transplanted May 14. Something has destroyed all the Brussels Sprouts plants, and half of the broccoli. Sigh. Too late to start over, so I planted cucumber seeds in those spots, with the hope that whatever it was will move on by the time they come up.

Cool-soil corn was seeded on May 21. It is already up and looking good.

Just this weekend I seeded the late season corn (of course the weather immediately turned cool). But hopefully it will warm up again this week. Summer squash and cucumbers (as mentioned) were also seeded. I also transplanted all the tomatoes.

The ever-encouraging Kitchen Goddess does her best to keep me from despair (and quitting gardening). And she's right. It may be a late-start season, but it could work out after all.

Well, it's "gardening," not "shopping," right?

Today (Monday) we are in the midst of what the weather report calls a "tropical rainstorm." I've never been to the tropics where it is 53 degrees F. But anyway, no gardening today, despite it being a US holiday.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Onion crop, where hast Thou gone?

Today The Kitchen Goddess informed me we were down to our last few onions. Here they are:

That got me wondering how long we've been storing them. Turns out we harvested on August 1 of last year.

I'd say this is pretty good results from a storage perspective. Sure, some sprouted (still fine), and just a few rotted, but otherwise this crop has served us well for 9 1/2 months.

The variety is Stuttgarter, and besides being a good keeper they have exception robust flavor. In the past I've only grown them from sets. But everyone assured me that growing from seed produces better results. So that's what I tried this year. I must say I still have doubts--the little grass-like stalks look so fragile.

I have of course been absent from Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres. This has just been a miserable spring, and everything is behind by 3 weeks. I hope to soon have something substantial to show you for current harvests.