Monday, December 5, 2016

Harvest Monday - 5 December 2016

Until this weekend, I haven't really set foot in the vegetable garden since my last post (Halloween). At that time, we had taken all the crops, but we hadn't dug up the chard and kale plants. That interlude allowed them to grow some small but welcome leaves, despite the cold nights and waning sun. So we get to join the Harvest Monday party one more time this year.

Then there's this. We were in California for Thanksgiving, and the last night I tripped and fell kinda hard. Here is the result:

Two unpronounceable fractured bones in the wrist. The Kitchen Goddess said to post this picture because it shows off my "green thumb." I guess she was "casting" about for a joke. Ugh, that was "lame."

"Enough!" I hear you say, and rightly so. Don't feel bad for me, it's TKG that has to pick up the chores I normally would be doing for the next 5 weeks. And imagine if this had happened during gardening season!

I hope all the Harvest Monday community is staying warm and planning next year's garden like I am. Thanks to Dave at Our Happy Acres for hosting this forum.