Monday, October 10, 2016

Harvest Monday - 10 October 2016

Welcome to another Harvest Monday update from Eight Gate Farm! Nothing too exciting this week. It's that time of year.

A first harvest this week was scarlet runner beans.

The green pods will be allowed to brown and crisp up before I take out the beans. Overall this will be much less than last year, but at least there will be enough seed to plant for next.

We took a few more of my prizewinning watermelon radishes (well, second prize). The larger ones are billiard-ball sized.

A Yellowfin and a Cocozella Di Napoli zucchini. The Yellowfin looks like a deflated pufferfish.

Some solanacea:

Clockwise from left: Rutgers tomatoes, a single Martini's Roma, some Umberto tomatoes, a Maule's Red Hot cayenne, Mellow Star shishito peppers, generic hot cherry peppers, and a Rosita eggplant in the middle.
Some Asian greens:

Left: tatsoi, right: pak choi. Slugs apparently love Asian greens.
Finally, continuing pickings of red raspberries like this:

So as you can see we are winding down for the season. No frost yet, but it's a matter of time. Hopefully a few more solanacea will size up before the inevitable.

That's it for this week. Please see all the lovely posts on Harvest Monday, which is hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres. Thanks, Dave!


  1. Pretty runner beans! I do believe slugs like Asian greens, and snails, and caterpillars too. My strategy is to give them a good cleaning and then don't look too closely while I am eating them. And yes, those are prize-winning radishes!

  2. Beautiful harvests this late in the season - envious of the raspberries as our patch is still so small, we usually end up with only 3 or 4 berries at each picking.

  3. A nice thing about raspberries is that October crop, just when everything else is going downhill. I agree, slugs, sow bugs, earwigs, flea beetles, and cabbage caterpillars all love Asian greens.

  4. Too funny, a deflated pufferfish! It seems to be the consensus, asian greens = bugs. I'm both sad and happy to have the garden year winding down, sad that cold weather is coming but happy that I won't have to deal with so many damn rodents anymore (I hope).