Monday, July 18, 2016

Harvest Monday - 18 July 2016

Hello again from Eight Gate Farm. Here's this week's harvest roundup.

We picked the remaining garlic. The four on the right are German White, and the other 10 are Music. Not much difference dirty like this; maybe they'll be distinguishable when cured and cleaned.

Garlic is easy! I never realized it before. Step by step instructions:

  1. Plant 24 cloves in October.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. Cut 24 scapes in June. Enjoy.
  4. Pull 24 bulbs in July. Celebrate.
Okay, maybe "do nothing" includes a little weeding/fertilizing.

We got the first flush of "Carson" wax beans. Using up the 16 remaining seeds, maybe 13 survived. But they are productive.

Also the first major picking of seedless red raspberries (looking yellow in the photograph), and blueberries.

We are sharing the berries with the critters. The netting over the blueberry bushes is keeping out the birds, but the chipmunks just bull through.

We're still picking lettuce, snow and snap peas, carrots, and chard.

The peas and spring lettuce are getting tired, but the "summer crisp" lettuce is just getting going, so many more salads are in the forecast.

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading! There will be no post next week. The Kitchen Goddess and I are leaving for a "business incentive" trip to a location I am not permitted to disclose at this time. Very mysterious. TKG's mom will be watching the "farm" and cat, being paid in produce.

Thanks to Dave at Our Happy Acres for hosting Harvest Monday.


  1. Congratualtions on the garlic harvest. Watch out, it's addictive. Just save the largest bulbs for seed garlic for the fall. That's a good haul of beans. My Provider beans are staring to flower so maybe in a week or two I will have beans.

  2. Oh I wish garlic was that easy, it's more like 1. plant garlic 2. watch garlic sprout 3. watch rust attack and take over 4. pull garlic before it's ready... No more garlic for me. I'm glad it's so easy for you! Lovely harvests. Have fun on you trip!

  3. I love your garlic growing tutorial! It is pretty easy if you don't have issues like Michelle. Ooh, the trip does sound mysterious. Hopefully there will be some fun involved!

  4. That's my kind of gardening tutorial- concise and very easy to follow! Your raspberries and blueberries look yummy, I can imagine it's hard to keep critters from stealing them. Have fun on your super secret trip!

  5. Mine are a week or two ahead and cleaned up ... the Music and German White still look the same. Maybe they'll taste different? I don't know, my first time growing each but I sure like the size of them!

  6. Your garlic looks fantastic. And your carrots get so long, mine are always stubby little things because of our heavy soil.

  7. No harvest post this week? Guess I have to make due with your harvests from last week ;) I agree totally with the garlic - such an easy crop to grow & store, although getting those nice big bulbs has proven to be a bit of a challenge. And seedless raspberries? I didn't realize they existed. Must look into that...

    I hope your mysterious vacation is going well!