Saturday, December 1, 2018

Another Visit to the Seed Bank

We're back from another trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. It was great to reconnect with family and friends, and of course, drink some wine!

As we've done for the past three years, we also swung by the nice town of Petaluma.

Petaluma is the location of Baker Creek's "Seed Bank," a candy store for gardeners. We somehow missed the memo that would have told us that they've moved from the cool old bank building to a storefront a block down the street. So the "Bank" pun doesn't really work anymore, but it's still the place to be.

Inside, the same great selection.

And as usual, we got a bit carried away with our purchases.

Note the oversized Seed Bank coffee mug, just for me.

I can't wait to try all these new varieties. The garden planning just got more complicated!


  1. Candy store indeed. You chose some very interesting and unusual things. I'll be interested to see how the Syrian Three Sided peppers do for you, they were very late to mature in my garden and not worth the wait, the flavor was simply awful. Great mug, I want one too!

  2. Hmm, late to mature and awful flavor. Looks like I made another spectacular impulse buy. Oh well, I'll try one plant and set my expectations low.