Monday, October 21, 2019

Harvest Monday - 21 October 2019

It was a pretty quiet week here in the gardens. Still no frost yet. I did manage a "first harvest" though. This is "Soloist' Chinese cabbage. I only planted a couple, and this was the only one worth harvesting. Slugs have a particular fondness for this vegetable.

I picked all the "Mad Hatter" peppers that were of decent size.

Mad Hatter
I picked the remaining eggplants, very small but still worth it.

Nadia eggplant
And I picked a few of the spring-planted carrots.

Yaya and Mokum carrots
The peppers, eggplants, and all but two of the carrots went home with The Kitchen Goddess's mom. I truly believe being able to share your harvests with appreciative family and friends is one of the greatest joys of gardening.

The "Painted Mountain" dry (flour) corn cobs had been drying for over a month. This week I shelled them and let them dry for a few more days. They yielded a lot more than I was expecting, almost 5 pounds.

Painted Mountain corn kernels
This went into storage, ready for grinding any time we want. I have a hankering for an Olde New England favorite, Indian Pudding. For those unfamiliar, it's basically cornmeal mush sweetened with maple syrup. Maybe if I'm a good boy I'll get some soon.

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading! And thanks as always to Dave at for hosting Harvest Monday.

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  1. The Indian Pudding sounds yummy. I love all things cornmeal, from cornbread to polenta to grits! I'm still waiting on Mad Hatter to ripen here. I have orange, but no red yet!