Monday, June 8, 2020

Harvest Monday - 8 June 2020

Here's another Harvest Monday update from Eight Gate Farm in southern New Hampshire. Leading off with the "first harvests" of the year is one of my favorite Asian greens, "Brisk Green" pac choi.

I didn't get fussy about turnip planting this year, just scratched out four rows and poured seeds in. This is the result of thinning them, a nice batch of baby turnip greens.

Hooray, first homegrown salads of the year! These are pickings of the two rows of salad mixes I planted.

We love chive flower vinegar, and it was time to pick the many flowers. We added some garlic chive leaves to give it a twist.

The Kitchen Goddess packed it all into a quart jar, added vinegar, and now it sits for two weeks.

For continuing harvests, to accent the salads, fresh radishes!

A number of the other Asian greens were bolting. At this stage they are hard to distinguish, but here are Pechay, White Stem, and Toy Choi.

I discovered why my asparagus were curved, and generally not looking right. In one patch I found a large number of adult Common Asparagus beetles that were feeding on the spears. In another patch there were adult Spotted Asparagus beetles. This means their larvae had already done damage. I quickly sprayed with spinosad, marketed here by Bonide with the very Jimmy Buffett-esque name "Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew." If you're not familiar with it, it's approved for organic gardening but can be harmful to pollinators. Luckily the asparagus is not near any plants currently requiring pollination.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading, and a big shout-out to Dave at for keeping the Harvest Monday tradition going!


  1. That is a lot of chive blossoms! I love the vinegar too but didn't get enough flowers to make it this year. As for your turnip planting, I had a buddy who used to just throw them out on a bare spot and rake them in. I'm like you and at least like to corral them in rows. I love the baby greens too.

    1. Thanks Dave. We really had a good flowering on the chives this year.

  2. The first salad greens are to be celebrated! I too like chive vinegar and made more this year. The garlic chives are a nice idea to add. Your garden is off and running!