Monday, June 12, 2023

Harvest Monday - 12 June 2023

Do I go on too much about the weather? Even I think I do. But it has such an effect on our growing I feel I have to keep notes. This week was absolutely awful...cold, damp, and we even had the haze from the Canadian forest fires. Luckily it was much less than what you see in the apocalyptic photos from New York City (even though we're much closer to Quebec).

The warm-loving crops are suffering. The tomatoes are doing okay, I guess, but peppers and eggplants are sulking. And I'm going to have to replant cucumbers and melons, and maybe squash, thus delaying their harvests for this year. On a positive note, the brassicas have been thriving, especially the Asian greens, which are the best I've ever grown. And I haven't had to water at all.

I did a first picking of tatsoi, on the left below, and picked another Brisk Green bok choy. 

Tatsoi (L) and Brisk Green hybrid bok choy

We picked chive flowers and started the process of making infused vinegar, which we really like.

Chive flower vinegar

We took the last of the spinach, which was looking bolt-y. 

Final spinach harvest

Same goes for the arugula, so much that we gave some away.

Final arugula harvest

It looks like the coming week will be much warmer, which is welcome. I can finally get to the tasks which I had to put off. Thanks for reading, and thanks once again to Dave at for hosting Harvest Monday!


  1. Oh the vagaries of the weather. My peppers are sulking too. Only half are in the ground. Looks like the shoulder season crops are thriving. I forgot about making chive flower vinegar this year. There's always next year. Spinach and arugula are my staples now too.

  2. That is a lot of spinach and arugula! Gardeners are at the mercy of the weather for sure. I've lost several eggplants, but thankfully I have spares. I always lose a few plants each year.