Monday, July 3, 2023

Harvest Monday - 3 july 2023

We came home Saturday afternoon from our week at a secluded lakeside cottage to find the garden out of control, as was to be expected. I'll talk a little about our trip later, but first, the harvests over the two week interval since my last Harvest Monday post.

We got the first kohlrabi. We like the bulb raw in salads, and use the greens as we would any brassica green.

'Kolibri' (F1) kholrabi

We picked the first Super Sugar Snap peas. These we typically eat raw, as an appetizer and in salads.

Super Sugar Snap peas

We picked the first Avalanche snow peas. These we typically add to stir-frys. This variety suffered from poor germination this year, which is puzzling, since the seed was new.

Avalanche snow peas

We picked the first scallions/green onions/bunching onions/spring onions (why so many names??). These were slender, but so tasty!

Nabechan (F1) scallions

We took the first harvest from the many loose-leaf lettuces I planted this year.

Loose-leaf lettuce

I took the last of the Asian greens (bok choy. tatsoi).

Last harvest of Asian greens

Very early Sunday morning, I went out to the fenced garden just before it began to rain. I saw that the first broccoli was ready, based on the heads starting to separate a little. This is Blue Wind, an extra-early, reliable variety I grow every year. It also produces abundant side-shoots.

Blue Wind hybrid broccoli

This tableau is the other stuff I picked Sunday morning. From left, snap peas, snow peas, kohlrabi, and the last of the garlic scapes.

Sunday general harvest

We enjoyed the week at the lakeside cottage so much, even though it rained for the first couple of days. The quiet and serenity cannot be expressed. We can't wait to go back.

Here's the view from the spacious screened porch.

Lake view from porch

The lake is home to a pair of Common loons, a threatened species. Their haunting cries speak to me of wildness. If you've seen the movie On Golden Pond you know what I mean. I took this picture with my drone. I was hovering as they swam toward it. I probably shouldn't have done that, but they did not seem the least concerned with the little buzzing thing.

Common loons

We were visited by family and friends over the week. Here's a picture of our son with his girlfriend, whom we haven't met before. She completely charmed us.

Canoeing on a calm evening

Thank you for reading! And thanks once again to Dave at for keeping Harvest Monday going.

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  1. Those scallions looks great! I never had much luck with growing them from seed. As for kohlrabi leaves, we don't usually eat them but my wife uses them for art. She went to a local farm last week and taught a group of kids how to do leaf printing with kohlrabi leaves, and they loved it.