Monday, August 21, 2023

Harvest Monday - 21 August 2023

Here's another Harvest Monday update from Eight Gate Farm. Isn't August flying by? This is going to be a long post, so I'll try to keep the babble to a minimum. 

I picked the first "Horizon" tomatoes. I got a free sample packet last year, and liked them. I'm out of seeds, and not sure I want to buy more, but they are a nice slicer tomato.

Horizon (hyb)

I picked a couple of red onions for a recipe. The leaves are still green, so the main harvest of them will come later. This is a hybrid variety called "Barolo," and is new to me. It looks like they will get very large.

Barolo (hyb) onions

The Kitchen Goddess wanted beets, so I pulled some. The red ones are called "Eagle," and the orange ones are "Touchstone Gold." I've said numerous times that I'm not fond of  beetroot, but these were pretty good. But then, everything tastes good with Burrata cheese!

Eagle and Touchstone Gold beets

I picked the first "Littleleaf" pickling cucumbers, a new one to me. The leaves really are just half the size of normal ones. I like to eat pickling cukes fresh, as they are so crisp.

Littleleaf cucumbers

I picked the entire crop of the dry bean called "Jacob's Cattle." There wasn't a lot, because of poor germination, the fault of the June weather. The pods are finishing drying in our sunroom.

Jacob's Cattle dry beans

The beans themselves are very pretty.

Jacob's Cattle

Now on to general harvests. This was Monday's.

Monday general harvest

 I also picked some sweet corn that day.

Latte hybrid sweet corn

Here's Wednesday's harvest:

Wednesday's general harvest

Here's Friday's:

Friday general harvest

On Saturday I took all the remaining Latte sweet corn. It was much more than I could eat, so TKG cut off the kernels from the others for the freezer. This comes in handy for hearty meals in winter. I have another crop of a different variety that should be ready soon.

Last harvest of Latte sweet corn

Sunday's harvest needed two baskets! One held collard greens, tomatoes, and a lone zucchini.

Sunday harvest part one

The other had eggplants. I like eggplant, but too much is too much. I've reduced the number of plants I grow, but it outfoxed me by being extra productive this year.

Sunday harvest part two

I've set a goal to not freeze so much produce. Of course exceptions will be made, like the greens and corn. But our plan is to give away as much eggplant as possible.

TKG and her mother are continuing to get nice things from the community garden plot they work together. Although I don't often get to enjoy them, I can appreciate the beauty and quantity of the harvests.

Sample community garden harvest

One of the fun things about blogging your harvests is the ability to go back and see how things were in years past. I saw that last year at this time we were already canning tomato sauce. Not so this year!

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  1. So many nice harvests. Lovely red onions. I growing Jacob's Cattle beans as part of a soup mix. We'll see how it performs. The beans will love all our recent rain (2 inches in 24 hours).

  2. That is some great looming corn. And what a haul of eggplants! Jacob's Cattle is a great bean but sadly it never did real well for me here.