Monday, May 27, 2024

Harvest Monday - 27 May 2024

Hello again from Eight Gate Farm! I'm finally able to show the first harvests of crops I planted this year. But first, there is asparagus. The plants have been declining over the years, probably due to age, or the predation of asparagus beetles, which are getting worse and worse. Nonetheless, we're able to cut a handful every couple of days. That's actually all right with me...I love asparagus, but not every day.


Yesterday I picked the first radishes. They're the same varieties I've been growing for years, Cherry Belle and French Breakfast.

Cherry Belle

French Breakfast

I also did a trimming of the arugula (rocket). This is a new variety to me, called Ice-Bred, that I got from Fedco Seeds. They claim it is "the best arugula to be found anywhere." I don't know about that, but it seems to be turning out pretty nicely so far.

Ice-Bred Arugula

Radishes and arugula combine to make a spicy complement in our salads, the rest of which is store-bought for now, with our own lettuce to make an appearance soon.

Lastly I cut the first of my Asian Greens. This is "Asian Delight," which sounds to me like a dish offered by a fake-Chinese restaurant, but having grown it for many years, I do like this petite, white stemmed bok choy.

Asian Delight bok choy

May is the month of flowers, isn't it? Well, the poppies are a' poppin', much to our delight.


That's all there is to report. Thanks for reading, and thanks once again to Dave at for hosting Harvest Monday.

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  1. Our asparagus bed sounds a lot like yours, but as you say we don't need it everyday and enjoy what we do get! I didn't get around to sowing radishes this spring and I miss them. I will check out that arugula variety too since I am always looking for "the best arugula to be found".