Monday, June 25, 2018

Harvest Monday - 25 June 2018

Hello again from Eight Gate Farm. Our pattern of too-cool nights has just dragged on. It's been dry, too. Until yesterday, we were at 25% of average June rainfall. But the deficit was erased yesterday in one storm. The coolness continues to thwart the eggplants, which I now fear will never recover, despite warming weather moving in this week.

We are harvesting, though! This week we got the first snow peas.

Followed a few days later by Super Sugar Snap peas.

We picked tatsoi.

And pak choi.

Brisk Green

We actually took by week's end all of the Asian greens, as they were bolting. I have more started which I'll transplant soon.

We took several half-size carrots because we just couldn't wait.

Quite a few of the onion sets have started flowering, I'm guessing due to the cold. As such, they won't keep, so we took some for "spring onions."

The remaining garlic scapes were all cut this week.

Radishes finished out this week, though there are still plenty of turnips left.

And strawberries are in abundance.

There are vegetables I don't have space for, and coincidentally don't like. Things like kohlrabi, sweet potatoes, and parsnips. But The Kitchen Goddess loves them. So she and her mother took a plot at the town's community garden to raise those, and more. This week she brought home the first kohlrabi.

What a weird-looking vegetable! I tried some raw, and it was okay, and the rest in a stir-fry, which was even better. I may coincidentally have some space for it next year.

So despite all my griping about the weather, the garden has been kind to us in many ways. Have to remember the positive things. Thanks for reading, and thanks as always to Dave of Our Happy Acres for hosting Harvest Monday.


  1. Sounds like your weather is made for kohlrabi. Here in the central region, sugar snap peas are a lost cause most years, when it goes from winter to summer in a few weeks. Hopefully you'll get summer weather soon.

  2. Everyone seems to be experiencing abnormal weather. I thought it was unusually cool and foggy this season, but then I read that it's actually closer to "normal" than it has been in a few years. Go figure, I guess I was getting used to abnormal.

    So many goodies, especially those strawberries!

  3. Yep abnormal weather everywhere. It has been unusually hot here. That's why I have so many summer veggies so soon! You have a great variety! I haven't even peeked at my carrots yet, though one variety keeps going strait to seed, a white one, I need to get rid of it. It's nice that your wife has a space to grow HER things ;) We love sweet potatoes around here. We grow a whole raised bed of them. My son could live on them! Can't wait to see what you have next week!

  4. That's so true - weather that some veg love, will cause other's to sulk. It's always better to look at things with a glass half full mentality!

    Kohlrabi is an odd duck and one of the veg where, for me, variety made a HUGE difference. I grew Old Vienna my first year and wasn't impressed at all - luckily I didn't give it up altogether but tried Kolibri...which was so amazing you would think it's a different vegetable. And both my kids LOVE in "hurray, we have kohlrabi and dip tonight". Yeah - that much of a difference :)

  5. Oh, wow. You're harvesting lots of different things. It's so funny you don't like sweet potatoes. I think they're just scrumptious especially mixed with potatoes in sweet coconut curries. That's too bad about your onions, but they look great as green onions.

  6. Mmmm. Perhaps I should try kohlrabi again. I don't really get them but I could, like you, try them in a stir fry.

  7. What beautiful harvests and I can totally understand why you just had to test out those carrots. It's always so good when you find out there is something down under the ground after all the waiting, isn't it?

  8. I'll second what Margaret said about kohlrabi, the variety can make a big difference. We like it roasted in the oven. FWIW I'm not a big fan of parsnips either. Here's hoping you get some warm weather soon!