Monday, July 6, 2020

Harvest Monday - 6 July 2020

Welcome to another Harvest Monday update from Eight Gate Farm! This past week the weather has moderated substantially, and we got frequent but brief rain showers. Not enough to take us out of the drought situation, I think, but it has alleviated much of the watering chores.

We had numerous exciting "first harvests" this week. Hard to tell which was our favorite!

The first zucchinis were picked. This is "Yellowfin." I took several more later in the week.

Yellowfin zucchini
And this is "Cocozelle di Napoli." I love the look and nutty taste of this stripey Italian heirloom. But as I'm running out of seed, I think I might explore a hybrid version for next year, with a more compact, less spiny plant.

A good cutting of the first chard of the season. On the left is a new variety for us, "Oriole" from Johnny's Selected Seeds. The yellow stems are really striking in the field. On the right is "Peppermint."

Oriole and Peppermint Chard
The first cucumbers were picked. This is "National Pickling," an heirloom that was developed in 1929 by the "National Pickle Packers Association" (what a great name!) and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, with the goal of producing fruit that was blunt at both ends and would thus pack easier into pickle jars. Tastes good too!

National Pickling
Another first was shishito peppers. We love them, but having four plants last year really was too much. So only two plants this year. That should be enough once they get into full swing.

Mellow Star shishito peppers
And the first small picking of blueberries occurred. There will be much more to come.

For continuing harvests, we took several large thinnings of the salad mixes.

And several more iceberg lettuce heads. Here's one sliced open.

Iceberg lettuce
More spring onions.

White Lisbon scallions
More "mangetout" (that we call pea pods here in the Colonies).

Left: Avalanche, right: Super Sugar Snap
We bid farewell to the kohlrabi:

Kolibri kohlrabi
And also to the Blue Wind broccoli.

We have a saying here in the US--"knee-high by the Fourth of July," referring of course to corn. I've never been sure why that's important, but I play along. Mine was waist-high on Independence Day, and I'm tall!

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  1. That is a lovely head of iceberg lettuce! Heading types don't always do well for me so I am duly impressed. National Pickling - what a classic! Right up there with Straight 8 in the cucumber hall of fame.

    1. Thanks Dave. We are really happy with the iceberg, and are savoring every bite.

  2. I always enjoy your updates and think of the amazing things you grow in your short season. Even iceberg lettuce!