Monday, August 4, 2014

Harvest Monday - 4 August 2014

Welcome to another Harvest Monday at Eight Gate Farm, brought to you by Daphne's Dandelions. This week I remembered to publish the post before I link to Daphne's page! Apologies to those directed to a stale posting.

Last week Daphne wrote that her harvests consisted of "beans and cukes, beans and cukes." This week ours were the same, if you substitute "zukes" for "cukes." I don't think she was really complaining, and neither are we. Here's a bean picking from earlier in the week:

The green ones are "Denver" and the purple "Velour," both filet-type.

I traded some zucchini with a friend for some of her cucumbers. A good trade, as she isn't growing zucchini and our cucumbers are struggling.

We robbed 3 more "Kennebec" potatoes, weighing in at almost 2 pounds!

I've mentioned this is my first experience with potatoes. I was amazed at how well they seem to be growing here. But then I learned that the first potatoes grown in the United States were planted right here in my town in 1719. Must be the climate!

Blueberries were picking all week, but are now winding down. One batch went straight to this Rustic Blueberry Tart. Delicious!

An end-of-week harvest of beans, grape tomatoes, a Pepper of Mystery, and an heirloom tomato "Caspian Pink." I've read that people pick heirlooms before they are ripe, and ripen them indoors for safety. We'll see. The Mystery Pepper was supposed to be Chocolate Bell, but I think something got switched at Fedco.

We picked another eggplant, but I neglected to photograph it before it started to become the main ingredient in Eggplant Parmesan:

So I guess we're in the Summer Doldrums--where there isn't a lot of variety and the late-summer/fall rush hasn't started yet. So how about a check-in with "The Survival Garden," which I've written about here and then here? (You have to scroll.)

It's turned into a lush jungle that constantly amazes me.

There are some basketball-sized pumpkins hiding.

It turns out it was a big mistake to plant bush beans anywhere near the squash. But they are doing all right where they aren't being out-competed.

And the corn is so tall! (Spot the loony)

Last week I weeded the corn and left the weeds as mulch. Turns out to have been a mistake, as we got a fair amount of rain and they promptly re-rooted themselves. So I weeded again. No pictures; a 6'4", 137-year-old man on his hands and knees getting showered with corn pollen is not a pretty sight!

I leave you with a picture of this guy, happily chewing on some chard. I don't know what he is (other than not a Japanese beetle). I wonder if he's the same guy destroying all my perennials? But he was too pretty to squish.

Not so fortunate were these squash bugs, caught in the act and dying for it.

Thanks for reading, and happy harvests to all!


  1. Holly cow on those potatoes! The are huge! And very nice harvest overall. I love purple beans, they make eating very interesting. And don't feel bad for "pretty bug" - squish it! They are destroying my grapes and most of the lilies this summer. :(

  2. Same here, beans and zukes. Impressive you have an heirloom slicer already. I'm still anticipating but mine are showing no color at all.

  3. Those potatoes are huge. And no I wasn't complaining about the beans and cukes last week. But they always seem to be in my harvest basket this time of the year. I'm really happy to have them, though to be honest I could use about half the amount of cukes that I'm getting. I plant this many because you never know. In a bad cuke year I still want some cucumbers. But it means in a good year, I'm drowning in them.

  4. I hadn't heard that you should harvest heirlooms before they are ripe - I'm going to keep that in mind this year. Love the gorgeous squash vines everywhere - you are in for quite the harvest. I haven't made a rustic pie in ages - yours looks delicious - must make one soon.

  5. Last year I grew some Kennebecs. Excellent Russet potato. This year it's Irish Cobbler, which is very starchy, almost dry, and very good. Home grown potatoes are far better than store bought.

  6. Love those Kennebecs! They always do well here too, and usually get quite big. I've no idea what the mystery bug is, but I like it when I can squash the squash bugs and Japenese beetles two at a time.

  7. Your Kennebecs look fabulous. Potatoes don't seem to like my climate as much, they tend to be puny. I also like those Velour beans, they must be much easier to find than the green ones that like to hide.

  8. That tart looks amazing, I wish I could have a slice right about now.

  9. What lovely harvests! I feel your pain about the weeds. To do all that work only for them to return for a vengeance... sometimes it feel like I spend more time weeding than anything else.