Monday, July 15, 2019

Harvest Monday - 15 July 2019

Hello again from Eight Gate Farm. We had a number of first harvests this week, and continuing ones too.

The first blueberries were picked. More pickings like this every couple of days. It adds up!

We got the first Fiesta broccoli, shown here with some side-shoots from Blue Wind.

The first Yellowfin zucchini.

And the first Cubanelle pepper, shown here before picking so you can see it was almost bigger than plant itself!

For continuing harvests, we took the last of the pak choi.

More cherries. The birds can have the rest.

Snow and snap peas. The warm weather looks to be shutting the vines down.

More kohlrabi.

And lastly, our favorite, shishito peppers.

All in all, a good week! Hope yours was too. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Dave at for continuing to host Harvest Monday.


  1. Hooray for blueberries! They harvests do add up for sure. That purple kohlrabi looks prettier than any of mine did this year. I take it slugs aren't a big problem for you?

    1. Slugs weren't a problem for the kohlrabi, but I can't say the same for the turnips and Asian greens!

  2. Such varied harvests and I can see the progression of the growing season. Don't we all love blueberries? Even just a small number at a time. I love the color of the kohlrabi and grow it for that as much as the vegetable itself.