Monday, July 8, 2019

Harvest Monday - 8 July 2019

We've had such a string of warm days, I told The Kitchen Goddess I could hear the corn grow (she scoffed). To see if it lived up to the old adage "knee-high by the Fourth of July," I went out on Independence Day to stand in the flour corn patch. It did! And I've got long legs!

Painted Mountain flour corn and skinny old-man legs
But that's a harvest for another day. This past week we had several first harvests, and continuing ones. The most exciting was our first shishito peppers...just enough to tantalize us.

We also got our first picking of Sputniks, I mean kohlrabi.

Kolibri Purple F1 kohlrabi
We had a generous first harvest of pak choi.

Brisk Green pak choi
And we took a couple of turnips for salad.

Purple Top White Globe turnips
We have two large (too large) cherry trees in the small orchard, that were planted long before we got here. Most years they give us nothing, but this is one of the years they do. I don't really know what the variety is, but it looks like Montmorency. The birds get most of them. But we are getting some ourselves.

For continuing harvests, the edible-podded peas are coming on strong, giving us a picking like this every other day.

Super Sugar Snap and Avalanche
And continuing cuttings from the salad mix. We enjoy grilling up some kind of meat, eating it hot that night, and then slicing it for our salads for the next few nights.

The Kitchen Goddess was given a large quantity of rhubarb, and she boiled it down for syrup.

Rhubarb syrup
A very pleasing week for us. I hope yours was too! I'll find out by reading the Harvest Monday posts on Thanks to Dave, the talented host.


  1. That's a good haul of cherries, especially if the birds are getting their share too! You're ahead of me on peppers. I do have green ones but nothing ripe yet. The rhubarb syrup sounds yummy. I gave up on growing rhubarb after several failed attempts, but I sure liked what little bit I got. I loved it mixed with gooseberries or cherries in a fruit crisp.

  2. How do you use your rhubarb syrup? I'm afraid ours would be an unattractive green. Aren't cherries the best?

  3. Could you give the recipe for tge syrup i would love it for next year. Also how you keep it!