Monday, July 22, 2019

Harvest Monday - 22 July 2019

Like much of the eastern US, we had a three-day heat wave over the weekend. For us, it meant temps in the mid-90s, not as bad as other parts, but still pretty warm by our standards. I think overall it had a good effect on the gardens.

We had a number of first harvests this week. Leading off is the star of our gardens, the noble artichoke! Petite in size, it had great flavor, and we shared it equitably!

Green Globe artichoke
We had several pickings of bush beans.

Calima filet beans
The first Arcadia broccoli. All the broccoli is only making fist-sized head this year.

The first White Egg turnip.

One of the onions started bolting, so I pulled it.

Immature Stuttgarter onion
I'm growing Red Norland potatoes for the first time this year, along with my old standby, Kennebec. Norland clearly matures faster, as the leaves started dying back this week. The Kitchen Goddess robbed a plant to see what was there: three lovely potatoes. We had these chopped along with the above onion, doused with EVOO, and put in foil on the grill. Delicious! Somewhat starchier than Kennebec.

Red Norland potatoes
We got the first jostaberries, racing the birds to them.

And the first red raspberries.

For a sampling of continuing harvests, here's a Yellowfin zucchini along with a Purple Top White Globe turnip and a Fiesta broccoli head.

Finally enough shishito peppers to indulge ourselves. This time, instead of grilling and sprinkling with sea salt, TKG made a soy-ginger sauce to drizzle over them after grilling. Wonderful!

The kohlrabi is getting bigger and bigger, but there's only a few left.

Kolibri Purple F1
More salad mix for our nightly meals. No bitterness yet.

And lastly a very decent picking of blueberries, 1 1/4 pounds.

That's it for this week. Maybe this coming week we will finally get tomatoes! Sure would be nice. Thanks for reading, and thanks as always to Dave at for hosting Harvest Monday.


  1. Very nice veggies, but it is the fruit I love!
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you Lea! The fruit is nice and doesn't require a lot of work.

  2. Your harvests look lovely! Our lettuce has all started bolting which is not surprising as we've had a couple of days that were over 100F (one was 105!). I'm growing Kennebec for the first time this year - it's always fun growing something new & I'm looking forward to give it a taste.

    1. Wow, you were a lot hotter than us! I'm sure you will like Kennebec potatoes. We miss you Margaret, please post soon!

  3. It was as hot at your place as it was here! The shishito pepper treatment sounds yummy. Soy and ginger go with lots of things, especially with sesame oil too. I'm getting hungry thinking about it!

    1. Yes, I think some sesame oil was involved. I thought you would have been hotter, given your normal weather!

  4. Isn't it nice when the harvests begin to roll in? Especially when the growing season is short. Hope your first frost is late this year.

  5. What a lovely colourful selection of fruit and veg you have had this week. Such a good time of the year!!